The No.1 tip that helps you improve your virtual show – backed by data

Virtual events are here to stay, even after COVID-19. While this is disadvantageous, it gives us something valuable that has never been available before. With the increasing number of virtual events, there is this one thing that would help performers like you and I improve our virtual show tremendously. And, the improvement is going to [...]

Virtual Magic Show 2020 – Behind The Scene

The event industry in Singapore and across the world has been badly hit by the global pandemic COVID-19. Live physical entertainment and physical events will not be possible in the forseeable future. Virtual events are gaining popularity as a result. One of the ways for entertainers and artists to continue performing is to adapt to [...]

China’s Got Talent Season 6 中国达人秀第六季

Right after Chinese reality TV show Beyond Show(read more about my journey in Beyond Show here), I was very honored to be invited to perform on China's Got Talent Season 6 中国达人秀第六季. It was very thrilling to perform for the celebrity judges Yang Mi(杨幂),Jin Xing(金星),Shen Teng(沈腾) and Cai Guoqing(蔡国庆). I was definitely feeling nervous as [...]

Chinese Reality TV Show Beyond Show 江苏卫视百变达人

After stopping at the semi-final on Asia's Got Talent Season 3(read my Asia's Got Talent post here), I kept working hard on my digital magic and participated in Chinese reality TV show Beyond Show 江苏卫视百变达人 that includes celebrity judges Joker Xue(薛之谦), Will Pan(潘玮柏), Patty Hou(侯佩岑) and Liu Yan(柳岩). At the AUDITION, I had the opportunity [...]