Channel 8 频道 Lunar New Year’s Eve Special 2020 裕鼠鼠纳福迎春乐

Happy Chinese New Year! Wish all of you reading this post a blessed new year with great health and wealth ahead!

I welcomed the Year of Mouse by performing my original stage digital magic show LIVE on Channel 8. I found it such a daunting task when I recevied the invitiation to perform because, unlike a pre-recorded format(used in the other TV shows I performed in such as Beyond Show, China’s Got Talent, Universal Show, and Asia’s Got Talent), it is a completely live show. This means there is no room for errors! At the same time, I was very eager to accept the challenge as I am very happy to bring my original stage digital magic acts back in Singapore and performed for the locals. 

Many sleepless nights, many unexpected happenings and a very, very tight schedule. As always, I couldn’t do this alone. A big thanks to Choon Kang who offered valuable advice to me during the late night camera rehearsal and spent much time discussing how to improve the acts. I am also very thankful for others who supported me during the preparation stage. Really apprectiate it!

Stay tuned for more!

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