“You are amazing! Impossible!” 

– Joker Xue 薛之谦

Virtual Magic Show 2020 (Digital Magic)

全新的线上数码魔术秀 2020

online magic show singapore

Virtual Magic Show 2020 (Digital Magic) is specially written to provide a live corporate entertainment solution for virtual events around the globe amidst COVID-19. Your guests get to enjoy TK Jiang’s award-winning digital magic at the comfort of their office or home without having to worry about physical contacts with other people. The best thing about Virtual Magic Show is that it is even more interactive than a physical show. All your guests will get to particpate in the show. TK makes the best and creative use of this digital performing medium to create a virtual entertainment experience that has never been seen before.

Virtual Magic Show 2020 (Digital Magic) is available in 100% Mandarin, 100% English or both.

Specialty Digital Stage Illusion Show 2020

奇幻数码舞台魔术秀 2020

新加坡数码魔术是TK Jiang 出现在江苏卫视百变达人节目

This specialty digital illusion show is one of its kind across Singapore and even across the world. TK brings what has been performed on TV across the world straight to your event for your guests.

In one of the acts tilted “Video Call”, TK interacts with the person in the video call and attempts to accomplish amazing feats through the screen in a way that is unimaginable.

In “Digital Sync”, TK blurs the line between the virual world and the real one. TK makes the guests experience the connection between the digital world and our physical senses in an unprecedented manner.

This show is extremely well-received by international companies such as Zebra Technologies. It has been featured on countless top international popular reality TV show Asia’s Got Talent as well as Chinese popular reality TV show Beyond Show 百变达人.

The “Video Call” act supports customization and your client can appear in the video call.

This show is available in 100% Mandarin, 100% English or both.

中国大陆访客请搜索“百变达人江天阔”,“中国达人秀江天阔” & “环球综艺秀江天阔”观看TK江天阔所有表演视频

Digital iPad Magic Show


薛之谦和数码魔术师TK Jiang

Keeping up with the trend of digitization, TK uses digital gadgets such as iPad, tablets and smartphones to bring modern magic to a digital level. TK does magic with iPad in an unprecedented manner that is both digital and magical. This allows for endless possibilities of customization such as appearance of the company’s product or branding, and even incorporation of messages.

This show is available in 100% Mandarin, 100% English or both.

This show is available in both stage and roving formats across Singapore and even across the world.

The show is perfect for the international crowd, as well as the well-heeled and well traveled modern executives.


Opening Digital Light and Laser Act


In this 5 min “duo” opening digital light and laser act , TK uses digital projection technology to duplicate himself in the digital world. TKs in both the real and virtual worlds interact to perform a digital feat with lights and lasers in a semi-dark environment. This act allows for VIP appearance. At the end of the act, VIP will be seen ending the act and will take all the applause.

*The VIP is ready to use the laser in 5 min under TK’s professional guidance.

This act is perfect for corporate events, trade shows and VIP appearance.