Award-Winning Corporate Magician Entertainer

Keep Entertaining Your Audience With The Best Corporate Magician

Are you planning to organize an event for your company and thinking about hiring a corporate magician? Whether you are thinking about an intimate gathering to celebrate the success of your team, a dinner to impress potential new clients, or a large conference for hundreds of delegates, TK Jiang is the ultimate corporate magician in Singapore to give a try.

Why TK Is One Of The Best Corporate Magicians?

TK is much more than your typical corporate magician. He can customize programs to help your company connect with your audience in a fun and meaningful way. For him it is easy to mingle with your colleagues, guests and clients and amaze them with exceptional close up magic & sleight of hand miracles. He has performed at private company dinner parties, popular hotels in Singapore, and even for celebrities. His clients list include but not limited to ZEBRA, Shell, Microsoft, and BNY MELLON among others.

He can custom tailor a magic performance keeping your event goals and objectives in mind. He can inspire your employees, motivate your sales team, and show your customers how much they are valued. With TK’s corporate magic skills, your company is the star of the show. Whether you are planning to introduce a new product, want to reach more customers in an inventive way, or simply wish to give your employees a great time, TK ensures your message gets heard & remembered for long. It is perfect for:

  • Sales meetings
  • Employee events
  • Awards banquets
  • Partner retreats
  • Customer/community outreach

Why TK Is The First Choice Of Corporate Event Planners?

When we witness something exceptional together, we wish to share our experiences with each other, thus making a unique bond among us. Many corporate event planners use TK’s magic skills to accomplish that objective, transforming their events into an unforgettable shared experience that their guest will be discussing for many days. You’ll see magic skills that get the entire audience participating and illusions inter weaved with constructive messages that will encourage your audience.

Get in touch with TK today to discuss your event. You will surely love working with a corporate magician who has every quality needed to be a crowd pleaser.

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