3 Important Elements for Virtual Magic Show

It has been almost 4 months since the launch of my Virtual Magic Show 2020 (Digital Magic). There is no sign of large scale events coming back anytime soon in Singapore. I have been performing this virtual magic performance almost every week. There are many things I have learnt over this period and you will learn 3 important elements I think that are vital for a successful virtual magic show.

1. Interactive Element

What makes a virtual magic show different from watching a Youtube magic performance video? This is the question many organizers/clients have been asking as they consider booking Virtual Magic Show 2020 (Digital Magic) for their corporate events. The answer to the question lies in the live interactive elements. Youtube videos are dead and you cannot interact with the performers. In my show, I strive to have interactive elements for everyone watching it. Every single guest sits in the front row and interacts with me. This feeling of participation is crucial for the success of a virtual performance and I am happy I have several mass interactive elements in my show ready for my beloved audience to take part in.

2. Production Value

The audience watches the virtual show on an electronic screen and what do they usually watch on the screen? They definitely have watched drama and movies on the screen and these are well crafted videos with high production value. The audience expects a certain level in the virtual magic performance they will be watching in a live virtual event. The production value comes in different forms such as high quality music, clear and audible voice as well as the aesthetics of the magic equipment used. I have been to several TV shows and I understand production value so I always strive to present my Virtual Magic Show 2020 (Digital Magic) as a top TV show.

3. Variety

The audience’s attention span is extremely short nowadays, let alone watching something on their screen. The key to hold their attention is to introduce variety. For example, many virtual magic shows focus only on the magician’s close-up mat. Everything is very close. While it is good to introduce the feeling of intimacy to a show, too much of it will invite boredom. I am always aware of this shortfall and introduces as much variety as possible in my Virtual Magic Show 2020 (Digital Magic).

The above are 3 key takeaways I have from my months of virtual performing experience and I hope you have gained some insights.

Thank you for your time.

Take care and stay safe!

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