“I have never seen digital magic before. It was very entertaining. I really liked it!” 

-Jay Park, Korean Pop Star & Former 2PM member

Award-winning Digital iPad Magic Show 2018


As Featured In:TK Jiang Press and Media

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“You are impressive!” 

Lin Peifen, Singapore Radio Station Yes 933 DJ

TK is the only award-winning digital magician in Singapore. He is also one of the few truly bilingual magicians. A fan of classical magic, TK brings his own digital slant on classical magic. Switching effortlessly from English to Mandarin in his iPad shows, TK is sought after for corporate events that can play to both English and Mandarin speaking guests. Bright, charming and fun, TK performs visual digital magic and aims to entertain with his modern approach to magic.

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“You are very creative and I am extremely impressed!” 

Jeff Goh, Singapore Radio Station Yes 933 DJ

1. Being effectively BILINGUAL AND BICULTURAL, TK has the unique ability to entertain your guests from both the west and the east, missing out no one.


2. With many YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in acting and theater production, you are confident that TK knows what it takes to present his piece of performing art-modern magic.


3. His brand of HIGH CLASS modern digital magic dwells on juxtaposition of the modern and classic, always leaving his audience wanting more.


TK’s Satisfied Clientele Includes:

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“Stop! Argh… This is ridiculous(amazing)!” 

Benjamin Kheng, Member of Singaporean Band The Sam Willows

Digital iPad Magic Show


iPad Magician TK

Keeping up with the trend of digitization, TK uses digital gadgets such as iPad, tablets and smartphones to bring modern magic to a digital level. TK does magic with iPad in an unprecedented manner that is both digital and magical. This allows for endless possibilities of customization such as appearance of the company’s product or branding, and even incorporation of messages.

As featured on Radio Station YES 933FM – Check out the FB live video here!

This show is available in 100% Mandarin, 100% English or both.

The show is perfect for the international crowd, as well as the well-heeled and well traveled modern executives.

Opening Digital Light and Laser Act


In this 5 min “duo” opening digital light and laser act , TK uses digital projection technology to duplicate himself in the digital world. TKs in both the real and virtual worlds interact to perform a digital feat with lights and lasers in a semi-dark environment. This act allows for VIP appearance. At the end of the act, VIP will be seen ending the act and will take all the applause.

*The VIP is ready to use the laser in 5 min under TK’s professional guidance.

This act is perfect for corporate events, trade shows and VIP appearance.

Stage Modern Magic Show


Singapore Modern Bilingual Magician TK Jiang

This show is ENERGETIC, INTERACTIVE and ELEGANT, catering to the discerning audience that demands a high standard of mystical entertainment.

This show is available in 100% Mandarin, 100% English or both.

This is perfect for private functions and corporate events.

Roving Modern Magic Show


Singapore Modern Bilingual Magician TK Jiang

This show is FAST-PACED, ENERGETIC and INTERACTIVE. In this show, magic happens one after another rapidly.

This show is available in 100% Mandarin, 100% English or both.

This is perfect for cocktail reception, bars, clubs and restaurants.

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“Your (digital)magic is unique. It is impressive! ” 

-David Foster, Renowned International Pianist & Winner of 16 Grammy Awards

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TK’s Satisfied Clientele Includes:

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