iUmor Season 8 Romanian TV Show

When I started out doing magic in Singapore, I dreamt about becoming an international magician. I am so grateful that I am now one step closer to fulfilling this dream!

I am very happy to be invited to Romania’s top reality TV show iUmor Season 8 to perform my digital magic. However, I knew it was gong to be a big challenge. Thirty hours of flight in total, a lack of sleep and a messed-up body clock… This made it difficult for me to concentrate on my performance. Without my performing experience in corporate events and other TV shows, this would have been tough to overcome. I am grateful that the performance was well-received!

Everyone on the show was very nice and I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Romanian people. Their friendliness has made my performance a great experience. There is still a lot of room for improvement and I will continue to work hard.

Can’t wait to be back!

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