Virtual Magic Show 2020 – Behind The Scene

The event industry in Singapore and across the world has been badly hit by the global pandemic COVID-19. Live physical entertainment and physical events will not be possible in the forseeable future. Virtual events are gaining popularity as a result. One of the ways for entertainers and artists to continue performing is to adapt to the current situation and produce virtual shows, hence my Virtual Magic Show 2020

virtual events singapore

Virtual events are here to stay in Singapore and across the world even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in my opinion. The ability for participants to attend the virtual events without traveling at all is a great plus point. This makes international virtual events much easier to organize and help reduce logistics costs drastically, which is very much needed due to the incoming global recession. 

Being a digital magician, simply performing my existing shows in front of a camera and calling it a virtual show is far from being satisfactory for me. I want to make creative use of the online performing medium and perform something that is uniquely virtual and digital. So, I came up with idea of interacting with the screen the audience is watching the show on.

There are 2 main types of virtual events. One is the more intimate type where you are able to talk to and see the participants. The other is the large scale type in which you can only interact with the particpants through texts or sometimes not at all. You just cannot interact with them at certain large scale online events. Here comes the challange for the performers. Interaction might still be possible for the intimate event but how do we include interactive elements for the large scale one? After all, interaction is what makes an event lively. So, I thought of the idea of making magic happen on the participants’ screen by simply asking them to touch the screen.

I feel Virtual Magic Show 2020 has to be cinematic and theatrical. It must feel like a top TV production. By leveraging on my experience of appearing on numerous TV shows across the world, I am able to design the virtual show like a top TV production. And, this is a top TV show that interacts with the guests in real time so they are actively involved in the virtual show. 

So, that is it. Thank you very much for taking your time to read my BTS post on my Virtual Magic Show 2020. and I hope you gain insights into the show. Please take care and stay safe during this period. 


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