How do iPad Magicians Create iPad Magic?

TK reveals how digital iPad magicians create iPad magic.

How do digital iPad magicians create digital iPad magic?

Many people often ask me how digital iPad magicians create digital iPad magic. Here, I reveal my own thought process of creating original digital iPad magic acts(if you are unsure about what iPad magic is, click here).

During the process of creating digital iPad magic acts, I always attempt to answer the guiding questions listed in this article because the quality of digital iPad magic is maintained when most of the guiding questions are answered.

Singapore Digital iPad Magician TK Jiang
Singapore Bilingual Digital iPad Magician TK

My motto “modern magic that’s modern classic” also comes into play because my goal is to present the classics of magic in a contemporary manner. I look at how I can perform the existing acts in my repertoire in a new digital way with the iPad(find out why I have become a digital iPad magician here)

After a few months of hard work, I have come up with a brand new, original stage digital iPad magic show.

(Moments of TK’s stage digital iPad magic show)

This 25 min stage digital iPad magic show features:

  1. Magic and Artificial Intelligence(AI).
  2. Magic and Virtual Reality(VR)
  3. Magic and digital cash.
  4. Customizable flag production from iPad
  5. And, many more…

So, ladies and gentlemen, that is it. If you would like to bring this original digital iPad magic show to your event, please feel free to contact me here or contact your favorite event organizer!

PS: A new promo reel showcasing this digital iPad magic show will be available in late Sep 2018. Stay Tuned!

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