What is iPad Magic?

What is iPad magic or digital magic?


What is iPad magic/ digital magic?

Truth be told, no magicians can exactly pinpoint who created iPad magic or digital magic. But, it is definitely popularized by a European magician in 2015. Ever since, there has been a new category of magic: iPad magic or digital magic. Many have preferred to call this branch iPad magic because of the catchy name of iPad. However, iPad magic is not limited to the use of iPad but it can be performed with digital gadgets such as smartphone and tablets in general.

Unlike other categories of magic, iPad magic or digital magic focuses on the line between the virtual world and the real world. For example, iPad magicians or digital magicians pull items out into real life from the screen of iPad or makes things transform in the screen of iPad. This gives iPad magic or digital magic an unique edge in the event industry because it is easy to customize the performance to include a company’s products or branding, as well as incorporate messages.

However, due to the lack of systemic approach to the art of magic, this new branch of magic is slow to develop and has been quite limited to pulling things out and putting them in the screen. Furthermore, some iPad magicians or digital magicians have even completely disregarded the use of the magic techniques to achieve the illusion of impossibility. Many have named their shows iPad “magic” shows. In reality, the shows are merely special effects done with iPad or digital tablets in general because it is blatantly obvious to the audience how the “magic” is done.

Being a serious and passionate student of magic, I cannot allow that to happen to my brand of iPad magic or digital magic. I am not the first to perform iPad magic or digital magic in Singapore, and that is exactly why I will do it better. Knowing what is not currently done properly, I strive to fill the gaps and present iPad magic that is both digital and magical, constantly pushing back the frontiers of iPad magic or digital magic.

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