Have you watermarked your live virtual shows?

It has been a while since I wrote about virtual shows. This month has been crazy! So, I am going to make this really quick and I wanna talk about watermarking your live virtual show.

This week, I recevied a call from a good industry friend who mentioned that somebody is trying to sell recorded live shows without the performer’s approval. I was not exactly very surprised. Given the economic situation now, most of us are just trying to survive and ethics may just be thrown aside. I am going to share 3 ways that you can watermark your show immediately to deter such actions.

1. Repeat the specific client names as many times as you can at different points of your virutal show

This is the easiest way to immediately watermark your show without too much efforts. By saying the specific client names all the time during your show, it makes it harder for the video editor to remove the specific client names completely. If one were to sell your recorded live shows, their client would have noticed it.

2. Use a watermark that is almost invisible to the naked eyes and rotate the position of it throughout your virtual show

This makes it even harder for the video editor to remove the watermark at the different locations. Also, this watermark may not affect the viewing experience very much as the audience will barely notice it. You may also have an unique watermark for each show. This way, if your live shows happened to be recorded and sold without your approval, you will be able to find the origin.

3. Involve as much live interaction as possible in your virtual show

This makes every show unique and impossible to be recorded and sold off as another live show. This requires a lot of time and efforts as you may need to restructure your show. But it is definitely worth it.

There you have it. Some of my 2 cents on watermarking your show. While these may not prevent such actions, it will deter most people.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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