Have you backed up your virtual shows?

When I was sharing my set-up for my Virtual Digital Magic Show 2020 with my fellow performers around me, ALL of them were surprised that I prepare 2 laptops and 2 cameras for virtual events. Meawhile, I was also surprised that all of them do not have a back-up as I believe back-up is a must for virtual shows.

With the rise of virtual events, our reliance on technology has increased tremendously. And, our efforts to ensure tech works should increase, too! If our accessories such as the microphone fail on us , we may still pull it off with silent visual performances. However, laptops and cameras are our main gate to the virtual world. If they fail on us, the whole show fails, immediately. No one wants to see us fail. No one.

So, you and I must back up our virtual shows. This idea of having a back-up or contingency plan is widely followed in large scale event productions. An additonal microphone, an additional light and even an additional electricity generator. Performers like you and I should follow suit and put in extra efforts to ensure everything works. The initial investments may be a sum but they will pay off in the long run. With the successful completion of each virtual magic show for example, your reputation will improve and it will definitely help in the future events.

Hope this motivates you to start backing up your virtual performances and all the best.

Thank you!

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