TK Jiang’s Virtual Corporate Entertainment Shows – A Blend of Magic and Technology

Have you ever heard of digital magic? If not, then you need to know that digital magic is the next big thing in the world of entertainment. It is a versatile entertainment media that involves the use of an array of electronic devices. Digital magic is the perfect and creative blend of technology and traditional magic. TK Jiang, being a renowned magician, realizes that virtual magic shows are the best way to entertain people of all age at their convenience, especially in the present scenario where the pandemic has shut almost every mode of entertainment.

Corporate Entertainment Singapore and Digital Magic – An Appealing Amalgamation

One of the best corporate entertainment for Singapore events at present is the virtual magic show as it provides an appealing experience. TK Jiang, the top-rated corporate magician has brought Virtual Digital Magic Show 2020 for corporate entertainment to Singapore. He says – “It is like you are watching a top TV show that interacts with you and your guests at your own virtual event.”

What is the Virtual Digital Magic Show 2020 all about?

Virtual Digital Magic Show 2020 is a virtual way to entertain people specifically written for providing live corporate entertainment in Singapore amidst COVID-19 pandemic. With this exclusive and award winning Virtual Digital Magic Show by TK Jiang, you can take delight in the digital magic at the comfort of your home or office safely without getting in physical contacts with other people. What makes this virtual magic show more exciting and enticing is that it is even more interactive that a physical show. Moreover, all your corporate event guests and members will be able to actively participate in the show. As far as magic acts are concerned TK Jiang makes use of the digital performing medium in the most creative way and hence a never seen before virtual corporate entertainment Singapore experience.

What Makes TK Jiang a Great Entertainer and Corporate Magician?

  • He is friendly and humble with everyone he interacts while being confident.
  • He is patient.
  • He has years of experience in various acts.
  • He is ethically strong.
  • He knows how to engage his audience in the best way.
  • He is known for his creative and innovative brand management ideas.
  • He is extremely professional.
Digital Illusion Show – One of its Kind

TK Jiang’s specialty digital illusion show is one of its kind corporate entertainment Singapore show which is also loved across the world. He uses the digital medium in the most efficient way and uses the concept of video call to interact with people. In “Digital Sync” TK Jiang blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world. And he provides these shows in 100% Mandarin, 100% English or both as per your preference.

His shows are well-received by top international companies such as Zebra Technologies and have been featured on countless top international popular reality TV show Asia’s Got Talent as well as Chinese popular reality TV show Beyond Show 百变达人

If you also wish to add his corporate magic show in your next corporate event, then get in touch with his team today!