Top Live Band in Singapore

Are you looking for a live band in Singapore to arrange a virtual magic or music show for your corporate event? Due to health concerns, companies are replacing traditional meetings with webinars and Zoom calls. Does it mean that you would miss out on entertainment too! Not at all! These days, companies are looking forward to arranging exciting corporate events by hiring a live band for a virtual music show or online magic show. It offers unique virtual entertainment for your guests.

Let us explore some top Live Bands in Singapore for corporate entertainment!

  1. TK Jiang-Digital Illusionist

When searching for a top live band in Singapore for your corporate event, rely on a digital illusionist-TK Jiang. In the 21st century, TK Jiang has come up with a unique virtual magic show concept to entertain the audience. If your company is looking forward to high-end corporate entertainment, TK Jiang can help in performing an innovative blend of magic with state-of-the-art technology.

  1. More Love Duo

It is a cover band that covers a large variety of music.More Love Duo;band has the versatility to play your favourite hits straight off the charts. With More Love Duo, you can experience a seamless transition and lively entertainment for your corporate event. The live band is known to add humour and build interaction with the guests during the show.

  1. Eugenia & Nestor (Music Soup)

Eugenia and Nestor have been working together for more than a decade. They have performed across the globe in different formations, like a duet. They are fully equipped with all essential audio, musical, and video gear to deliver the best music for virtual events. You can rely on Eugenia and Nestor to create musical entertainment for your corporate event.

  1. Glam quartet – Pop Band

It is a musical band having expertise and experience for entertaining all types of audiences at special events.Glam quartet-the pop band can perform on more than one hundred songs. They seamlessly adapt special music requirements. The pop band has outstanding musicians with excellent musical skills to engage your guests.

  1. Topper-Cover Band

Topper band has a huge repertoire to keep the brand’s performance vital and fresh all time. As a group, the Topper band can present four different formats depending on the event, clientele, and venue. You can rely on the Topper band for one-on-one crowd interaction and high-energy virtual music shows.

  1. Funk’N’Soul Function Band

Funk’N’Soul Function Band is known for its musical, interactive, fun, and energetic performance. They are available for corporate events, weddings, concerts, and other special occasions. The band has a handpicked collection of talented people to perform for your event.

  1. Afterworkers

It is a live band for Chinese pop music that includes one pianist and two vocalists.After Workers specialize in various genres of Chinese pop music like Cantonese, Mandarin, and Hokkien. A live band-Afterworkers has performed for many events, like corporate, public, and private events.

Virtual music shows are one of the common ways of entertainment! How about helping your corporate guests enjoy unique live entertainment by booking a virtual magic show in Singapore?

If you want to book an interactive virtual magic show in Singapore for corporate entertainment, rely on bright and charming illusionist – TK Jiang! You can book TK Jiang virtual magic shows in English, Mandarin, or both languages. TK Jiang is fluent in English and Mandarin and can effortlessly impress your guests.