Chinese Reality TV Show Beyond Show 江苏卫视百变达人

After stopping at the semi-final on Asia’s Got Talent Season 3(read my Asia’s Got Talent post here), I kept working hard on my digital magic and participated in Chinese reality TV show Beyond Show 江苏卫视百变达人 that includes celebrity judges Joker Xue(薛之谦), Will Pan(潘玮柏), Patty Hou(侯佩岑) and Liu Yan(柳岩).

At the AUDITION, I had the opportunity to partner with the hostess of the show and performed Video Act together. I even had the chance to perform close-up digital magic for Joker Xue 薛之谦 after the main performance as he wanted to see more.

After all the digital magic performances at the Audition, I am very grateful that I got the stars(similar to the “YES” on Asia’s Got Talent) from all the judges and advanced to the GRAND FINAL. Later on, I was surprised to find out that I was the only magician on the show advancing to the Grand Final. I felt extremely thankful for this opportunity!

At the GRAND FINAL, I presented a brand new digital magic concept- synchronicity between photos and reality.

I am so happy that this performance was successful and all the judges were very amazed and impressed at the same time.

I was also very honored to receive the highest number of votes from the studio audience, making this digital sync act the people’s choice of the night.

All these couldn’t be possible without the help of Yu Huihang and Tan Choon Kang. They had contributed a lot of ideas during the preparation period and helped very much during the numerous rehearsals.

This presents a new chapter and I will keep pushing the frontier of digital magic. I am sure there are more exciting things to come.

Stay tuned!

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