China’s Got Talent Season 6 中国达人秀第六季

Right after Chinese reality TV show Beyond Show(read more about my journey in Beyond Show here), I was very honored to be invited to perform on China’s Got Talent Season 6 中国达人秀第六季.

It was very thrilling to perform for the celebrity judges Yang Mi(杨幂),Jin Xing(金星),Shen Teng(沈腾) and Cai Guoqing(蔡国庆). I was definitely feeling nervous as it was such a big stage in China but I was glad that the performance went smoothly.

Because of scheduling issues, I could not take part in the filming of the next few rounds. But I was very happy to be the first ever magician from Singapore to share my digital magic on China’s Got Talent. There will be more opportunities and I am excited for what has to come!

Stay tuned!

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