CCTV4 环球综艺秀 Universal Show

Two months ago, I received an invitation from Chinese Central Telvesion 4 to take part in a brand new international variety show named Universal Show 环球综艺秀. The show has invitited famous artists from all over the world. I am very glad that I could perform my own digital magic acts over there and share the stage with so many renowned international artists.

The filming of the show was actually very challenging because of a very, very packed schedule. I performed two of my signature acts- Digtial Sync Act and Video Call Act- together. It usually took a few days of prepration in the studio when I performed each act on the other TV shows. But we had only a day to prepare for both acts. My consultant and I started preparing for the acts in the early morning, right after my consultant and I landed in Beijing. There were many unexpected problems along the way. However, I am glad that we pulled this off, with much success!

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