The Rely System

The Rely System: Reliable Email Prediction System

by TK Jiang

Features of this system:

  • Multiple prediction images in one email
  • No timeout issues
  • Highly reliable
  • The email can be sent hours or even days before the show
  • The email can be sent to a large group of people (more than 100 pax)
  • You “own” the server which is not “shared” by anyone else
  • Use your own email address
  • Any prediction image with an unlimited number of entries
  • You have control in every single step
  • No phone app compatibility issues as everything are done on desktop (Windows/Mac)
  • Best to be done with an assistant (technically, you can do it yourself too)

Price: USD $45 (capped at 30 pax, after this, I will either stop selling this or I would increase the price to USD $70)

USD $70

What this price includes:

  1. Recording of the Zoom Lecture (1hr) on 30 May 2021, 10am-11am Singapore Time
  2. PDF Instruction x 1
  3. Performance Templates (Found Inside the PDF Instruction) x 2
  4. Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Again, I want to highlight this is best done with an assistant. It is not recommended to do this solo. If you do not have an assistant with you, this is not for you.

Please make your payment (USD $70) here using this link:

After payment, please enter your details below and you will receive the PDF in about 24 hours.

Is it an app?
No, it is not an app. The whole system uses a combination of software you might already have on your computer (Windows/Mac)
Is there a timeout issue?
Absolutely no. The email can be sent hours or days before the show. This gives you a peace of mind.
Do I own the server?
You kind of “own” the server and you won’t be “sharing” this with anyone else.
Will the server breakdown or go under maintenance?
The server is maintained by big corporations and usually will never breakdown. You will also learn the different backup servers that are available. This gives you a peace of mind.
How to enter the spectators’ choices in the prediction image?
Your assistant will use a software that you might already have on the computer. Everything here is done offline so you have a peace of mind.
How long does it take for the spectators’ choices to be updated in the prediction email?
Anywhere from 5 seconds to 15 seconds (depending on your assistant’s internet strength).
How to customize the prediction image?
Depending on how creative you are. But, no Photoshop is involved (albeit you can use Photoshop if you want). You will be provided with a template to start performing right away.
Can I use my own email address?